Thursday, 26 November 2009


So much PINK!!!

I was sure I was going to go cross-eyed doing this picture. I put it down for a year, then when I joined a UFO forum (UnFinished Objects) it gave me the incentive to get working on it again.

Just need to get it framed - it's always the final finishing part I never get round to :(


  1. Good grief! The patience it must take to do those flamingos! What an amazing picture. My sisters do cross stitch and tapestry, I love the effect but it's one craft I'll never have the patience to do more than a bookmark on :D You've got to be so proud of that one?

  2. Thanks Carmen -I am quite proud of it, it's rare I do a design that has no blank fabric left in the background.

    I will treat myself to a dark pink mount and silver frame after Christmas I think :D