Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cards - For Men

Isn't it so much easier and more fun making female style cards?? :D

Anyway, I thought I had better make some male ones before I attempt to sell some in a fortnight....

So, I turned to my favourite madaboutcards site, to the section rather amusingly named 'Men's Bits!' (cue schoolgirl snigger, hehe)and found lots of decoupagé sets. The sheet with 3 cars was only 80p

I quite liked the black and white 'classic' look, so I went with it for the rest of the card. I don't like the thicker black strips on the bottom pic, but that was my first attempt and I couldn't peel it back off.


  1. These are sooo lovely!! What are the cars please?? I love them and would be perfect for some of my family as we are all car nuts!! especially my dad!! xxx

  2. Hi Rusty - they are from the madaboutcards site - they come in a colour option as well, only 80p for the sheet.