Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Fayre

I had my first Christmas fayre at the local school last week :) I didn't offload as much as I would have liked but I did make £101 so it was definitely worth it. The things that sold were: 17 x Snowman Soup (Sold out, I could have shifted more as well) 13 x Handmade cards 6 x Reindeer food (unfortunately one of the other stalls were selling it as well) 3 x Reindeer Poop 8 x Snowman Poo 10 x Dairy Milk Snowmen 2 x Perfect Man 14 x Pony Bead Keyrings 8 x Knitted stockings (with chocs and candy cane inside) 4 x ES Tree Decs......I was disappointed not to sell more of these My sister is off to a boot sale tomorrow and has offered to take some of my leftover things and try and sell them. I made more snowman soup and gave her the leftover things.:)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Snowman Soup

I like making this, it looks so festive :) Enough hot choccy for two people and a little poem which reads: Was told you've been real good this year Always glad to hear it With freezing weather drawing near You'll need to warm the spirit So here's a little snowman soup Complete with stirring stick Add hot water, sip it slow It's sure to do the trick!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Stockings

More stuff for next months' craft fayre!! Unfortunately I can't knit to save my life but my mum was happy to produce these. Found a free pattern on the internet - the first couple took her 40 mins but once she knew the pattern they only took 20 mins to complete. I bagged and tagged them - the poem simply reads: 'The stockings were hung by the chimney with care In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there...' I did consider putting more choc coins in, but the way the sweets are really hold the shape of the stocking nicely so I stuck with what you can see.

Snowman Choc Bar

Dairy Milk with printed snowman wrap, hat made from the finger of a glove and scarf from some christmas ribbon. With thanks to Yvette from MSE for sharing the pintout for the wrapper

Friday, 9 November 2012

Little girl visiting Santa

Loved this picture as soon as I saw it. The little girl reminded me of my daughter, so I edited the picture to lengthen and straighten the girls hair, and for some reason she had red shoes, which looked strange (to me) so I changed them to blue to match the dress.

Doctor Who

David Tenant and Matt Smith - my nephew is a massive 'Whovian' so I have stitched these as one of his Christmas gifts Took me a while to find a suitable double aperture frame but this one has done nicely.

EShaw Mint Tree Decs

Elizabeth Shaw Mints make the best tree decorations!! I love making these, the picture is of the first box load but I have done 2 more lots since then. It's so relaxing, and once my craft stuff is set up I can get through them fairly quickly. I did decide to bag them to make them look a bit more professional, and so they weren't clattering about and at risk of any bits falling off of them. Hoping to sell them for £1.50 a pack at the craft fayre.
I have done loads of green/red/gold ones but started doing some alternative colours as well.

Snowman Poop

Snowman Poo this time. There was another verse which said 'I hear you've een naughty this year, so here's the scopp You're not getting any presents, just this snowman poop! But I thought it was a bit mean...... 20g marshmallows - selling at 50p a bag

Reindeer Poop

Started making things for the school crafft fayre at the beginning of December. These are so easy, 50g of choccy raisins, and should sell at 50p a bag.