Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sunset Card

Got this month's cross stitch mag subscription through the door yesterday, so stitched this little sunset scene.

Bit of a pain finding an aperture card to fit. I ended up using a gate-fold card and hand cut the aperture. Fiddly - hope not to have to do that too often.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Baby Block

A good friend of mine asked me to make a stuffed baby block for her new born niece. I had made one for my friend a few years back when her son was born, so she knew I could make it lol

Anyway - I asked for suggestions, colour schemes, etc and was told 'anything will be fine' so I had free reign with it

This was the first side I completed:

The final side:

All six sides ready to be stitched together. I absolutely hate the stitching together part, so I admit I did sort of put off completing the sides. I can't use a sewing machine to save my life, so it was all done by hand, and took about 6 hours to sew together.

Getting there:

And the final outcome!! I didn't have any stuffing, so tore loads of wadding apart, and actually preferred it to toy stuffing, as it had less tendency to bunch together, and filled out the block more evenly.

I got a text from my friend saying it arrived this morning - I held off posting it on here until she had seen it first. Going by the text...I think she liked it!!!!! :D

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Card - wooden figures

Another Christmas card attempt

As you can see, I got to get my stampers out again :D I quite like that Holly edging stamp.

The little wooden 3D figures were from a set I bought online - it cost £15(!) but there are LOADS of little figures, and sparkly bits in it. Enough to make up plenty cards.

Men's Cars - pyramage

I love the twisted pyramage design of these cards. Simple and effective. You can't see too well in the photos, but the main design is from 4 squares, each one twisted round slightly on top of the one below using foam pads.

Also easy to put together, each die cut A4 sheet has enough to make two cards. (£1 per sheet)

They come in loads of designs - Golf, football, cars, bikes, guitars etc

Christmas Cards

I love these decoupagé sets, they are so cute!

I also got to use my stamps again to decorate, and have stamped inside with 'Merry Christmas' and a little tiny Robin in the corner holding a parcel.

They were so easy to do. I think it cost £2 for the die cut sheets, which gave me 6 cards to make up

Cards - For Men

Isn't it so much easier and more fun making female style cards?? :D

Anyway, I thought I had better make some male ones before I attempt to sell some in a fortnight....

So, I turned to my favourite madaboutcards site, to the section rather amusingly named 'Men's Bits!' (cue schoolgirl snigger, hehe)and found lots of decoupagé sets. The sheet with 3 cars was only 80p


I quite liked the black and white 'classic' look, so I went with it for the rest of the card. I don't like the thicker black strips on the bottom pic, but that was my first attempt and I couldn't peel it back off.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Calendar Coasters

Honestly - the number of craft ideas I pick up on MSE!!

Some of these are made from covered beer mats, the smaller ones from chipboard rectangles. I do prefer the bigger ones, although there is more work involved in them.

The purple one is my favourite - I think I will have to keep one of those ones for myself!

Going to order another 30 calendars and make up some more this week.

Jingle Beans

I saw someone post this idea on MSE and I fell in love with them and HAD to make them for myself!!

The jars are 4 for £1 from IKEA
Jelly beans were approx £1 a bag from various places
The labels on the front were from a pack of Gift tags - 12 for £1

I'm going to a boot sale in a couple of weeks and am going to put some crafts as a little side line - definitely going to take some of these with me :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Pink Nappy Cake

My sister asked me to make a nappy cake for one of her friends at work - she bought all the stuff to go in it and just handed it over to me to shape it together :)

Blue Nappy cake

Made for a friends new grandson.

Pretty easy to make, picked up a lot of tips on MSE. Quite time consuming though, I don't think I could do them all the time.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas Cards

Santa with wreath card - I reused a handmade card that I was sent last christmas. That led me to an interest in stamping, hence the second Santa face card. Again, I tried out stamping with the birds on the branch - the stamps were free with a papercraft magazine (which was handy!)

The angel card was made from a pack of die cut angels and faces (10 for £1.00 at madaboutcards.com) and the snowflake one is little sparkly gems on a metallic blue card, surrounded by hole-punched snowflakes.

Cards - Forever Friends

I bought a Forever friends card pack for £4.99 from my new favourite craft site www.madaboutcards.com I made around 10 cards from it, and still have some of the stickers, gems and papers left over.

Cross Stitch

1 - Rennie Mackintosh design from Cross Stitch magazine

2 - 'Christmas Eve' from the Charlie's Ark range of kits

3 - A door hanger I made for my friends little boy. Those words to the song are special to them x


So much PINK!!!

I was sure I was going to go cross-eyed doing this picture. I put it down for a year, then when I joined a UFO forum (UnFinished Objects) it gave me the incentive to get working on it again.

Just need to get it framed - it's always the final finishing part I never get round to :(

Wedding Crafts - buttonholes

Another corsage, and the heather buttonholes I made for the men.

Wedding Crafts - corsages

I made everyone their own corsages for the wedding - it probably would have been cheaper just to make everyone a gold/ivory rose corsage to match my theme but I wanted everyone to have ones to match their outfits. A lot of the family have put them away safely in case they wear the same outfit to another wedding!

I watched a tutorial on youtube and took it from there. By then Hobbycraft had opened nearby and I spent loads of time looking for the right flowers and accessories.