Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Fayre

I had my first Christmas fayre at the local school last week :) I didn't offload as much as I would have liked but I did make £101 so it was definitely worth it. The things that sold were: 17 x Snowman Soup (Sold out, I could have shifted more as well) 13 x Handmade cards 6 x Reindeer food (unfortunately one of the other stalls were selling it as well) 3 x Reindeer Poop 8 x Snowman Poo 10 x Dairy Milk Snowmen 2 x Perfect Man 14 x Pony Bead Keyrings 8 x Knitted stockings (with chocs and candy cane inside) 4 x ES Tree Decs......I was disappointed not to sell more of these My sister is off to a boot sale tomorrow and has offered to take some of my leftover things and try and sell them. I made more snowman soup and gave her the leftover things.:)