Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Continent of Europe

You can see from the bottom picture what this was like when I unearthed it in Oct 2010 (hoping more countries hadn't joined Europe since I started LOL)

Hubby had a look at it and bet it would take ages to get finished so why bother - I made a bet that I could get it done by the end of November.

I love a challenge - guess who won! :D


  1. Very nice! I have a few patterns that are older style maps of the world that I would love to do some day. It's tough having so many designs that you want to stitch, and never enough time to stitch them all!

    Congrats on getting a 'resurrected' project completed!

  2. I am really in awe of how quickly and neatly you finish your projects. You must have really nimble fingers!