Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Stealing the Moon

Another Heaven and Earth Design, one I fell in love with and fast forwarded to the to of my 'To Do' list.

I started this on the 19th March 2010 and loved stitching it. Quite a lot of confetti stitching in the middle of the design but the edges were fairly strightforward.

And here is the completed piece (280410) As soon as I finished the last stitches I rushed to get it washed ironed and photographed :D
The camera doesn't quite do the colours justice, there is sparkly thread in the light sections which doesn't really show up.

This is really just to show the scale of the design, my 2 year old daughter wanted in on this pic since my son got his picture taken with the last piece of work lol


  1. Wow what a beautiful piece of work - you must be dead chuffed with it - how on earth did you get it done in so short a time?

  2. Blimey you are much quicker than me! I will update my blog soon on my latest cross stitch things but they are much smaller than that.

  3. Thanks :)
    Padster - It was a challenge to complete it by the end of April which was set on a cross stitch forum thread that got me into gear and doing some speedy stitching

  4. Oh wow the finished thing looks amazing! Well done for having the patience x